Custom Condos

Many builders will tell you they’ll build a custom condo when in fact they’re simply making variations on an existing plan. We truly build custom condos.  We bring architects and designers to the table with you.  We listen to what you have to say, including your wish list.  We make gentle suggestions so your home is functional, cost effective, and blends with the surrounding area.

The planning and design process:

Here’s how we get started.  Upon meeting we commit your vision to writing and draw plans to your specifications, starting with the interior. We’ll typically do the main-floor plans first, to get the flow exactly as you’d like it. For multi-story residences we’ll do the second floor next, then finished basement areas if applicable. After we’ve designed the interior layouts to your total satisfaction, we’ll move on to the exterior. We’ll give your home the elegant look you’ve always wanted with the front, side and rear elevations. From these plans we’ve developed based on your ideas and our experience, we’ll help you select finishing materials. For example, light fixtures, cabinets, flooring, plumbing fixtures, hardware, trim species for woodworking, etc. If you wish, we’ll do it all for you, including offering the services of an interior decorator. If you enjoy this part of the process, you’ll enjoy visiting showrooms to personally select your furnishings. You’ll find our team very helpful every step of the way. Our job is to make every encounter in the process of building your custom condominium a positive and rewarding experience. Now, with plans in hand, we arrive at a cost. We do all we can to include everything in the plans so there are no surprise extras to put your condo over budget. With the plans and price agreed on, we start the building process. During construction time, you’ll find us communicating with you directly and often. We have a timetable from the start. We keep you updated continuously on the progress of your condo’s construction. So, how do you start? Please give us a call or contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.